Sunday, June 12, 2011

Advanced Technology Institute

Advanced Technology Institute- Virginia Beach

Do you love cars, auto mechanics, engines and great weather? Contact Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) in Virginia Beach, Virginia today and get motivated for career in the fast lane.

ATI offers NATEF and ASE certified career programs in:
* Automotive
* Diesel/Heavy Vehicles
* High Performance Vehicles
* Ford Maintenance

Fulfill your dream of a great-paying career and find out what ATI has to offer you. ATI also provides financial aid and graduate employment services to help you achieve your dreams in the automotive industry. ATI provides housing in Virginia Beach, VA, for single students under 21. Contact Advanced Technology Institute right now and in a short time you will be on the road to an automotive technicians career.

Automotive Technology Programs
Get into an Automotive Program that lets you master the all the inner workings and mechanics of an automobile. Tires, Suspension, computers and diagnostics. Get the bumper-to-bumper training you need. Learn every aspect of automotive maintenance and repair in ATI's NATEF/ASE Master Certified Automotive Technology Programs. Your program highlights: * Bumper-To-Bumper Training covering every System * ASE/Ford-Plus Training * NATEF/ASE Master Certified Auto Tech Training

Diesel/ Heavy Equipment Program
If you have always been interested in the mechanics of tractors, trailers, yachts, farm equipment, bulldozers, aircraft support equipment, off the road construction equipment and more, ATI's Diesel/ Heavy Equipment Program is for you. Learn to work on these mechanical beasts at ATI's large shop, equipped with engines ranging anywhere from 400 to 12,000 pounds. Work on a wide variety of manual and automatic transmissions. Experiment with complete tractor-trailers, and tinker around in the full-service fuel injection shop. Heavy Vehicles are an important part to keeping America's growth, and so are the Diesel technicians that work on them. Get busy with a career in Diesel Technology.

Ford Maintenance and Light Repair Education
Ford Motor Company and various colleges and technical schools have come together to offer what is called, The Ford MLR (Maintenance and Light Repair). The MLR program gives you access to opportunities in profitable and rewarding careers where your skills are in demand. Due to the large number of retirees in the automobile mechanic industry, 15,000 experienced mechanics are lost every year while new auto technician growth is slow. That coupled with the increased growth rate of the retail maintenance and light repair industry, makes a career in this automobile field very promising.

High Performance Training

Two Options Are Available:
ASE Core & High Performance ASE/Ford Core & High Performance

Always wanted to work on the track and be involved in the great American pastime of racing? Interested in High Performance Vehicle Training? Support the racing circuits by engaging in a career as a High Performance Technician. This program will give you the ground you need to qualify as:
* An entry-level employment as a repair technician in a modern performance shop
* A pit crew position on the racing circuits

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