Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CDL College

CDL College offers the pay as you go program, offering truck driving training with little money down. CDL College's accredited program will offer affordable commerical driving training while allowing students to keep their currents jobs until completion.

CDL College - Course Information

Course Objective: To train entry-level commercial motor vehicle operators and prepare them for employment in the heavy-duty trucking industries.

* Course Length: 20 days for a full-time student; up to 45 days for a part-time student
* Employment: CDL College currently recruits for 10 companies.
* Free Alumni Training for Life: If alums get a little rusty between finishing school and finding a job, CDL College will give a couple of hour-long lessons to reacquaint drivers with the truck for free.
* Certification: The program is pending Professional Truck Driver Institute certification.
* Flexible Hours: CDL College is open seven days a week, Monday-Friday from 7 am - 9 pm and Saturday/Sunday from 7 am - 5 pm.
* Flexible Schedule: CDL College will work around a students schedule. The school makes it possible for anyone to come to school. Students can pick their own hours for training.
* Open Enrollment: Classes start daily so there is no waiting to begin the journey to becoming a commercial truck driver.
* Computer and Online-Based Training vs. Classroom Training: CDL College utilizes the latest in e-learning techniques to maximize theory and classroom-based training. Students will walk away from this experience having gained more knowledge than classroom-based training alone.
* Personable and Down-to-Earth Instructors: CDL College instructors are extremely patient individuals and will work with with students at their own pace. The school offers a stress-free environment allowing students to get the most out of their time.
* Approved by the State: CDL College courses are approved by the State of Colorado Division of Private Occupational Schools and the Department of Higher Education.
* Certificate: Students receive a certificate through this course that is prestentable to any potential employers upon completion.

With as little as $500 down, you could cruzing down the road to a new career in the trucking industry!

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