Sunday, June 12, 2011

IntelliTec College

IntelliTec College offers Automotive Technician Programs at the Colorado Springs, Colorado Campus as well as the Grand Junction, Colorado campus.

IntelliTec College offers an Associate of Occupational Studies Degrees for the automotive career training program. Some special features of the Auto Mechanic and Auto Service Technicians Program are small and personalized classes as well as high-performance engine training. All of this is fused with hands-on, specialized instruction and training. A degree in the Automotive Program at IntelliTec not only prepares you for the ASE (Automotive Services Excellence) exams, but also supplies you with the valuable abilities and knowledge that automotive career specialists look for when hiring auto technicians.

As a student in IntelliTec's Auto Mechanic Technicians program, you will work with high-tech automotive training equipment to grasp skills, and use your hands doing: inspection, diagnosis and installation. Get into troubleshooting vehicles, learn engine performance and engine installation, use high-tech diagnostic equipment and study electrical components and the fundamentals that go with it. Get busy with maintenance, customer service skills and shop safety. Become skilled in metallurgy, computer database technical reference systems and application of nitrous oxide systems. On the high performance side, you will gain the skills for assembly, disassembly, design and blueprinting of high performance engines. There are so many exciting areas to take advantage of in the IntelliTec Automotive Technicians Program. You will walk out like a pro! Some of the Careers available to you as an IntelliTec Graduate are:

* Auto Service Technician
* Automotive Drivability Technician
* Front-end Auto Mechanic
* Auto Mechanic Technician
* Automotive Repair Technician
* Automotive Parts Professional
* Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning Technician
* Automotive Service Manager/Writer
* Engine Technician
* High Performance Engine Machinist

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