Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lincoln College of Technology

Lincoln College of Technology provides students with the hands-on skills as well as comprehensive training needed to succeed in the ever-changing employment environment. Choose from Automotive, Collision, Diesel or High Performance programs. Lincoln College of Technology fosters a positive learning environment so that you can advance both inside and outside of the classroom. Campuses with automotive programs include: Denver, Colorado - Melrose Park, Illinois - Indianapolis, Indiana - Columbus, Maryland & Grand Prairie, Texas.

Automotive Technician:
ASE Certified instructors possessing years of experience are there to give you a comprehensive background in automotive technology. You will get the one-on-one training you look for in a quality auto program. Using hands-on techniques and incorporating industry-standard tools, you will learn it all, from complete computer diagnostics to engine dyno testing. You will also receive specialized training in areas including:

* Intro to Automotive technology
* Fuel & Emissions Systems
* Electrical Systems
* Drivability Diagnostics
* Transmissions and Drive Lines

After you have received your automotive degree or certification, Lincoln College of Technology will assist you in placement so that you can set your automotive career in motion.
Collision Repair Technician
In today's world, there is a large demand for talented collision repair technicians.

If you are interested in collision repair, Lincoln College of Technology will give you the auto-body training and knowledgeable experience to jump start to a career that has proved to have a promising future.

Certified collision repair instructors, will teach you the techniques so that you will be well versed in every detail of collision repair, structural materials and technological advances. Learn the ins-and-outs of auto body construction, surface prep, dent repair, welding and cutting.
Diesel Technician
Plow into a heavy-duty career working with the giant rigs! Get geared up for diesel training at Lincoln College of Technology. You can start an education learning to repair and maintain 18-wheelers, buses, trains, mining and construction equipment. Certified instructors will make sure you receive the experience you need in every facet of diesel training. By working on industry-standard vehicles, you get that comprehensive training to be successful in the diesel industry. Your hands-on training will include but won't be limited to:

* Diesel Engines and Repair
* Truck Brakes & Chassis
* Diesel Fuel Systems
* Diesel Electronics & Diagnosis
* Hydraulic Applications

High Performance Technician
At Lincoln's High Performance school you can be on the fast track to success in this exciting field!

Learn the newest in car modification, sport-tuning and dyno-testing on personal and professional vehicles for optimum function and speed. Lincoln College of Technology's high performance training will take you from the highway to the race course in a short time. High Performance is an exciting field and you can be a part of this specialized auto industry.

Lincoln's Certified trainers will give you a exciting and exhilarating education in engine modification, suspension and exhaust systems. Some automotive programs also offer engine building, HP cylinder heads, engine blocks and drive line systems, performance steering, suspension and brakes.

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