Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Redstone College

Redstone College was founded in 1965 to offer Airframe and Powerplant training and in 1989 it expanded its curriculum to include Avionics training. Redstone College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology. Redstone is dedicated to providing quality skill-based certificate and degree programs, providing students with the knowledge, skills and credentials necessary to launch or change careers. Redstone is located in Denver, Colorado, close to a number of top businesses in the industry as well as access to outdoor recreation, entertainment, several major professional sporting venues, shopping and part-time employment while in school.
Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Program

With an A&P Program that is fully certified by the Federal Aviation Administration, Redstone can help you become qualified to take the FAA certification exam in as little as 18 months. Upon graduation and certification, you will be well-prepared to find an entry-level position in the airframe and powerplant industry. Redstone's instructors provide industry experience and the ability to build the necessary connections to help you get ahead in this exciting industry.

Many of our hands-on classes take place in Redstone uses simulated work environments to provide you with hands-on training, giving you experience in the skills you need to help attract employers and succeed. Amoung the many aviation mechanic schools, Redstone's hands-on and fast-track approach can help qualify you for a job more quickly and prepare you to do things such as:

* Ensure that aircraft carrying hundreds of passengers are safe for flying each day
* Repair and maintain jets, working with your hands in a non-office environment
* Inspect aviation components for problems
* Test all repairs to ensure the aircraft is safe
* Listen to descriptions of aircraft problems, then find their cause and fix them professionally

Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Program Courses include:

* Aviation Science
* Aircraft Electricity
* Aviation Maintenance
* Aircraft Systems
* Reciprocating Engines
* Turbine Engine Theory & Operation
* Propeller Systems

We make sure our curriculum trains you with the skills that the industry looks for when hiring employees. Redstone uses advisory boards with representatives from major airlines, aircraft manufacturers and aircraft and powerplant maintenance companies to develop their curriculum and to stay current with the latest industry needs. Aircraft mechanics require technical education and practice which is what Redstone's curriculum will provide you.
Advanced Electronic Technology (Avionics) Program
Redstone's Avionics courses help students get entry-level positions in the aviation industry and also help prepare them to take the FCC certification exam in under 18 months. The Avionics program has instructors with industry expertise, experience and connections, which is instrumental in preparing you to make a secure living doing aircraft avionics. Many of the hands-on Advanced Electronics Technology (Avionics) classes take place in a simulated work environment using industry-standard tools and equipment found on the job. Redstone's practical, interesting and engaging program includes:

* 50% hands-on lab training
* Utilizing equipment relevant to today's aircraft
* Focus on a critical skill: troubleshooting
* Prepare yourself for a range of career options
* Transfer these skills to non-aircraft systems

Our Advanced Electronics Technology (Avionics) program covers basic electronics theory. From there you will advance to a hands-on focus on Avionics Systems. It includes 2,100 hours of classroom and laboratory training in aircraft avionics, teaching you how to troubleshoot and repair communications systems, navigation systems, autopilot, collision avoidance systems, and more.

Advanced Electronic Technology (Avionics) Program Courses include:

* AC Electronics and Power Supplies
* Communication & Navigation Systems
* Amplifier Theory and Circuitry
* Aircraft Systems
* Troubleshooting, Repair, and Soldering
* Aircraft Pulse Systems
* Aircraft Autopilot Systems
* Aircraft Systems Integration
* Digital Instruments and Systems
* Advanced Aircraft Systems

If you are interested in aircraft avionics and are looking into aviation schools, Redstone's Avionics program could be an excellent fit for you. You will see the benefits of learning in such a dynamic environment while preparing for an entry-level position in the industry of aircraft avionics in less than two years.

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